2 Things To Consider With Double Sided Large Format Printing

LRGDouble sided printing is sexy. I don’t deny it. I have folks coming to me all the time asking me about it.

However, there are some things that you need to consider before you go to press with a double sided large format project.

In many cases, with large format printing, you are printing on a large master sheet. At Tec Color Craft (my shop) we generally print on 4’x8’ or 5’x10’ master sheets.

Here are two things that you need to consider when preparing to run a double sided job.

1. A sheet this size has the tendency to move (ever so slightly) during the printing process. Which means that if you build a colored border around your image, there is the possibility that one side could have a lop-sided border.

2. Not all sheets are cut exactly to size. When we receive master sheets from the manufacturer (all manufacturers that is) they can be off ⅛” or so. An ⅛” doesn’t seem like a lot but if you have an ⅛” black border around your graphic, well then it can be a problem.

Make sure the art is built with these contraints in mind for double sided printing. Here’s a tip: if you can avoid it, stay away from thin borders. Bleed off whatever color the graphic is.

Knowledge is power, and when customers better understand some of the constraints and strengths of specialty printing like this, the overall outcome is better.

The customer saves time and gets a better finished product.