How Back-Lit Images Can Brighten Up Your Advertising Space

There are so many options for Point of Purchase displays & signage.  But if you really want to be eye-catching, consider using a back-lit print applied in front of a light source known as a ‘light-box’.  Customers can’t help but be drawn to the effervescent glow of your graphic.

Backlit prints are produced using a semi-translucent vinyl that is designed to diffuse light evenly.   This creats a realistic glow and adds radiance to vibrant color shades. Since the light accentuates every detail and the film is slightly-transparent, backlit prints appear three-dimensional and pop with vibrant beauty.

Backlit prints are a great way to spotlight your advertisements and graphics day and night.

A common material used for back-lit prints is callled Duratrans, which is short for Durable Transparency.  It is also the brandname of Kodak.  And very often it is used as a generic term for backlit display prints.  In general, backlit images are meant to be viewed only when a light source is behind the image.

backlit print 2

Duratrans film printings are frequently used in:

  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Retail Signs
  • POP Displays
  • Menu Boards
  • Airport Display Signs
  • Window Display Signs
  • Fine Art Display
  • Public Advertisement

Backlit print

Use a backlight to accent details of your backlit prints, brighten the colors of the design and really make a statement.  For more information or to get a quote, click here.